LPN-BSN Scholarship Fund

To establish the LPN-BSN Scholarship Fund (“The Fund”) as a School of Nursing permanently endowed scholarship fund to provide scholarship support for (a) Salem State University student(s) entering the last year of the LPN-BSN Program. Entering the last year of the LPN-BSN Program; have a minimum grade point average of 2.5; have completed an application which includes a brief statement of 50-75 words identifying the reasons the student is applying for the scholarship. Candidates will submit their applications to the School of Nursing by November 1 or April 1; and be available for an optional interview with members of the School of Nursing Scholarship Committee

Supplemental Questions
  1. In 50 - 75 words please identify the reasons you are applying for this nursing scholarship.
  2. Will you be entering the last year of the LPN-BSN Program next fall?