Access Scholarships

Access Scholarships is a free online platform designed to connect students with scholarship opportunities that fit their goals and values, with the ultimate goal of providing them with the resources to fund your higher education.
The main feature of the platform is the Scholarship Search, which contains thousands of scholarships for students to quickly and easily be matched with based on their profiles. In addition to being a database for high school, college, and grad school scholarships, we also provide students with a variety of resources (think Health & Wellness, Navigating College During COVID, free Office Hours, & more!), the opportunity to keep track of your saved and applied scholarships, and a Blog where we post articles that pertain to all aspects of student life.
My team here at Access Scholarships is committed to not only helping provide students with the opportunity to earn money to help them pay for school, but also to being a go-to resource for students to utilize for all things education-related (think, picking classes, navigating college life, and more!).