African American Scholarships

Today’s private, public, and government agencies are looking for talented individuals with proficient knowledge in various disciplines. But to qualify for these roles, students need to have advanced degrees. Most students have the goal of getting a higher education degree and qualify for such highly paid careers. This is true for the African American community, but there is a pronounced gap between African Americans and other communities regarding enrollment numbers. According to the National Center of Education Statistics, in 2016, the total enrollment percentage of African Americans was 6.7%, while the enrollment percentage for Caucasians was 53.8%. One of the reasons for this massive gap is the rising tuition costs that make it difficult for some African Americans to afford higher education. Luckily, there are several African American Scholarships available that will help reduce the financial burden. In this guide, we will walk through various types of scholarships for African Americans, a list of those scholarships, how to apply, tips & tricks, and much more.